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Newly-added webinar recording

An Hour with Fannie Mae

In this recorded webinar, Fannie Mae discusses undervaluation risk, Appraisal Quality Monitoring, and desktop appraisals, as well as the new undervaluation risk flag in Collateral Underwriter (CU). Listen to Fannie Mae’s policy and loan quality experts sharing their knowledge on Fannie Mae’s appraisal policy. CU’s new undervaluation risk flag is explained, along with how a reviewer might use CU to review an appraisal when that flag is present. Also discussed in this webinar is Fannie Mae’s Appraiser Quality Monitoring, including types of letters and how the process works. Additionally, Fannie Mae provides an update on desktop appraisals and what they’ve been seeing since that option was rolled out earlier this year.

Recent and relevant webinar recordings

Appraisal Board Complaints and What Every Appraiser Should Know

Watch a lively and informative webinar as two acknowledged experts, Craig Capilla and Mel Black, speak on how to avoid and deal with appraisal board complaints. Craig and Mel address such areas as: How can you prevent complaints in the first place? What are some common types of complaints? What can you do in your daily appraisal practice to prepare for the day you get a complaint? What should you consider when responding to the state board? Watch this recorded webinar for answers to these questions and more.

UAD and URAR Redesign—What Appraisers Need to Know

Subject matter experts Ken DeFeo (Fannie Mae) and Sean Murphy (Freddie Mac) share a behind-the-scenes look at the ongoing Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD) and Uniform Residential Appraisal Report (URAR) Redesign Initiative. In this webinar, learn about the benefits to appraisers and how the dynamic report will work. This webinar recording includes a high level walk-through of the new URAR, information on the new dataset with examples of new and removed data points, and updates around the timing of rollout.

Managing Risk, Lowering Liability, and Avoiding Claims

Learn about the current risks appraisers face and what steps you can take to lower your liability and avoid claims. In this webinar recording, Isaac Peck, Senior Broker at, shares real-world claim scenarios and offers actionable advice on how to protect yourself and your appraisal business. Isaac addresses discrimination and liability claims against appraisers. As an added bonus, he shares specific disclosures and disclaimers every appraiser should be including in their appraisal reports.

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