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pond and gazebo in small town in ohio

Step into the heartwarming embrace of 12 beautiful small towns in Ohio, where history, community, and charm come together. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through a collection of Ohio’s lesser-known treasures, each with its own distinctive character. These towns may be small in size, but their warmth and character are immeasurable. Join us as we delve into the stories and attractions that make these towns truly special.

pond and gazebo in small town in ohio

1. Pataskala, OH

Median sale price: $375,000 

Walk Score: 66

Pataskala seamlessly blends historical roots with contemporary comforts. This town offers a welcoming atmosphere where friendly faces and community events are the norm. Stroll through downtown to discover charming boutiques and local eateries, and take in the beauty of its historic architecture. 

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2. Baltimore, OH

Median sale price: $310,950 

Walk Score: 58

Baltimore’s serene ambiance makes it a retreat from the bustling world, offering a tranquil escape for those seeking a slower pace. Quaint streets lined with elegant homes evoke a sense of nostalgia, while local markets and festivals bring residents together. Nature enthusiasts can explore nearby parks and hiking trails, embracing the town’s natural beauty.

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3. Circleville, OH

Median sale price: $213,000 

Walk Score: 72

This town’s historic downtown buzzes with local shops, showcasing the talents of artisans and entrepreneurs. From annual pumpkin festivals to farmers’ markets, Circleville embraces traditions that celebrate its spirit.

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4. Obetz, OH

Median sale price: $340,000 

Walk Score: 43

Eclectic shops and offbeat attractions give Obetz an endearing personality, while local events add a touch of excitement to daily life. The town’s many green spaces and parks offer opportunities for leisure and outdoor recreation.

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5. Geneva, OH

Median sale price: $179,000 

Walk Score: 63

Located along the shores of Lake Erie, Geneva is a perfect place for those seeking lakeside living. The town’s rich maritime history is reflected in its museums and nautical atmosphere. Residents and visitors alike enjoy waterfront strolls, beachside picnics, and captivating sunsets.

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6. Logan, OH

Median sale price: $170,000 

Walk Score: 62

Logan is a nature lover’s paradise, offering a backdrop of lush forests and serene landscapes. The town’s history is intertwined with the Hocking Hills region, known for its stunning caves, waterfalls, and hiking trails. Quaint shops and local eateries provide a taste of local flavors, while cultural events celebrate the area’s artistic spirit. 

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7. New Lexington, OH

Median sale price: $132,000

Walk Score: 64

Tucked away amidst rolling hills, New Lexington exudes a sense of authenticity that’s hard to come by. The town’s welcoming community embraces a laid-back pace of life, where connections are meaningful and stories are shared. Local cafes and markets invite gatherings, while the surrounding hills offer outdoor adventures like hiking, biking, and bird watching.

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8. Wapakoneta, OH

Median sale price: $160,000 

Walk Score: 74

Wapakoneta shines as a town with a stellar history, being the hometown of astronaut Neil Armstrong. The Armstrong Air & Space Museum pays tribute to this legacy, captivating visitors with its exhibits and artifacts. Additionally, the annual Summer Moon Festival brings the community together for parades, concerts, and moon pie-eating contests, showcasing the town’s pride in its remarkable past.

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9. Delphos, OH

Median sale price: $158,000 

Walk Score: 73

This town’s historic architecture and landmarks tell tales of generations past, while local businesses and events reflect a forward-thinking spirit. One of its unique offerings is the Delphos Canal Commission Museum, which highlights the town’s connection to the Miami and Erie Canal. Visitors can also explore Stadium Park, a picturesque outdoor space with a lake, walking trails, and a vintage carousel.

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10. Columbus Grove, OH

Median sale price: $128,500 

Walk Score: 51

This small town in Ohio has welcoming streets dotted with local shops and eateries that exude a sense of familiarity. A strong sense of belonging is nurtured through community events, fairs, and gatherings. In Columbus Grove, residents find comfort in the everyday connections that make life truly fulfilling.

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11. Louisville, OH

Median sale price: $226,500 

Walk Score: 77

Louisville weaves a colorful tapestry of traditions, making it a town that cherishes its history and embraces the future. Visitors can also explore the Louisville Constitution Center, a museum dedicated to Ohio’s constitutional history. Fun fact: Louisville is home to Haines House Underground Railroad Museum, an essential stop for those interested in the history of the Underground Railroad and its impact on the region.

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12. North Canton, OH

Median sale price: $248,500 

Walk Score: 69

The Pro Football Hall of Fame, one of the most iconic sports museums in the world, is located in North Canton. It’s a must-visit for football enthusiasts, featuring exhibits that honor the sport’s greatest players, coaches, and moments. Looking for something else to do? The town is also home to the Hoover Historical Center, providing visitors a unique glimpse into the life of the Hoover family, known for their vacuum iconic cleaners.

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Wrapping up small towns in Ohio

From historic havens to lakeside escapes, these small towns in Ohio offer one-of-a-kind experiences that touch the heart and inspire a sense of belonging. In the embrace of their charm, residents find not just houses, but homes, and not just neighbors, but lifelong friends.

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