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Home to 650,500 people, Portland, OR is a unique city known for its coffee, hipster culture, and craft beer scene. In Portland, the locals enjoy a wide range of delicious cuisines, plenty of recreational activities in and near the city, and many local shops and art galleries.

81% of Portland homebuyers searched to stay within the Portland metropolitan area. But if you’ve grown tired of living in Portland, know that there are plenty of others who are considering relocating as well. Check out the top 10 destinations that people leaving Portland have searched to relocate to.

Portland outbound migration map

1) Seattle, WA

The top destination people moving out of Portland are looking to relocate to is Seattle, WA. With a median home sale price of $840,000, this popular destination has caught the eye of thousands of Portland-based residents.

Home to 741,500 people, Seattle is famous for its coffee culture and its grunge music scene. The Emerald City is known for being the home of the Seahawks, the Space Needle, and Pike Place Market. Popular activities for those living in Seattle include hiking, camping, and kayaking. There are also many museums, a wide range of both casual and fine dining options, and so much more to explore in the Seattle area.

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People leaving Portland for Bend, OR

2) Bend, OR

People are also considering leaving Portland for Bend, OR, which has a median home sale price of $718,450. With so many people searching to move here from Portland, you definitely aren’t alone if this city has caught your attention too.

Bend is a beautiful mountain town located at the base of the Cascades along the Deschutes River. With its many rivers, mountains, hiking trails, and lakes, Bend is the perfect place for adventure lovers. 97,000 people are currently living in Bend, but it’s no wonder more people are looking to move to this gorgeous area.

Homes for sale in Bend, OR
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3) Los Angeles, CA

People leaving Portland are looking to move to Los Angeles, CA, where the median sale price is $975,000.

Los Angeles is a city like no other, with its perfect year-round weather and its status as the epicenter of the entertainment industry. 4 million people from all over the world have come to LA to work, live, and prosper. The city is made up of over 80 ethnically diverse and vibrant neighborhoods, each with its own unique identity.

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Phoenix neighborhood aerial view

4) Phoenix, AZ

People moving out of Portland are also searching to relocate to Phoenix, AZ, which has a median home sale price of $430,000. This city has caught the eye of many Portland-area homebuyers, making it one of the top destinations they’re considering calling home.

Home to 1.7 million residents, Phoenix is one of the most populous cities in the US and is known for its hot climate. However, the city has much more to offer than just its weather. It’s also a hub of Southwestern culture, food, and scenery. Additionally, Phoenix is home to close to 200 parks and offers ample job opportunities and outdoor recreation. Finally, the city boasts incredible art and architecture.

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5) San Jose, CA

With a median sale price of $1,200,000, San Jose, CA was the fifth most popular destination for Portland-area residents looking to move.

The city of San Jose is known as “Silicon Valley” because of the many headquarters of technology companies such as IBM, Apple, and Google located there. The city is home to 1 million people and is known for its incredible weather, suburban neighborhoods, and natural beauty. 

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Eugene, OR

6) Eugene, OR

Next on the list is Eugene, OR, which has a median home sale price of $497,260, compared to $549,000 in Portland.

Home to the University of Oregon, Eugene is located at the southern end of the Willamette Valley. With 170,500 residents living in Eugene, it’s the third-most populous city in Oregon. There are plenty of parks and trails for hiking, biking, and walking, as well as a charming downtown with many restaurants and bars.

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7) Dallas, TX

Another city that people leaving Portland are searching to move to is Dallas, TX. With a median home sale price of $405,000, hundreds of Portland-area homebuyers have considered making the move here.

In Dallas, you can wear cowboy boots and stilettos and fit right in among the city’s 1.34 million residents. Dallas has a storied football franchise, a glittering city skyline, historical intrigue, and museums galore. If you’re thinking of moving from Portland to the Big D, you’re not alone.

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People leaving Portland for Astoria

8) Astoria, OR

Many people leaving Portland have searched to move to the Astoria area, making it the 8th most popular city. If you’ve also thought about moving here, know that the median home sale price is $490,000.

Astoria is the oldest American settlement west of the Rocky Mountains, located on the Columbian River a few miles from the Pacific Ocean. This small Oregon coast town is home to only 10,000 people and is known for its long legacy of fur trading and fishing. A fun fact about Astoria is the city was the setting of the classic 1985 film The Goonies.

Homes for sale in Astoria, OR
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9) Spokane, WA

Coming in at number 9 on the list is Spokane, WA. With a median sale price of $380,000, there are hundreds of people leaving Portland who are looking to relocate here.

Home to 219,000 people, Spokane sits on the east side of Washington state, along the beautiful Spokane River and Falls. As a four-season city, Spokane is stunning and offers a plethora of indoor and outdoor activities year-round. Living in Spokane provides the best of both worlds for those who enjoy a larger city with a small-town feel.

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Pacific Beach in San Diego at sunset

10) San Diego, CA

Finally, there’s San Diego, CA. If you’re hoping to buy a home here, keep in mind the median sale price is $850,000. This city has definitely caught the eye of those looking to leave the Portland area with hundreds of people searching to relocate to this beautiful beach city.

San Diego is known for its gorgeous scenery, great climate, and fascinating attractions – which are a major draw for its 1.4 million residents. The city has a strong sense of community, world-class dining, professional sports teams, and so many entertainment options. San Diego is also a great place to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and biking because of its white sand beaches, spacious parks, and rugged mountain peaks.

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