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Mid-century modern house

Buying a house in the great state of Oklahoma, such as in the beautiful cities of Oklahoma city and Tulsa, is an exciting and significant step for homebuyers, but it comes with its fair share of complexities, particularly when it comes to understanding the ins and outs of home inspections. Ensuring a thorough home inspection is crucial when you’re in the process of purchasing a property in Oklahoma. This Redfin guide aims to shed light on the importance of home inspections in Oklahoma and provide valuable expert insights for potential homebuyers. Let’s delve into the key aspects you should consider.

Mid-century modern house

Why should you get a home inspection in Oklahoma?

Getting a comprehensive home inspection in Oklahoma is a vital step for several compelling reasons. As perhaps the largest investment you’ll make in your lifetime, a home demands careful assessment to guarantee a sound investment. A home inspection holds immense value. Not only does it allow you to identify potential issues within the property, but it’s also a means to uncover critical safety hazards that could affect you and your loved ones. Moreover, a skilled home inspector can guide you on essential maintenance tasks, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your home’s systems.

Are there any specialized inspections that Oklahoma buyers should consider?

There are certain specialized inspections that buyers should consider. For instance, Oklahoma homes built before the 1950s were painted with lead based paint. If you happen to be buying an old house a lead paint inspection becomes imperative. This inspection reveals areas with lead paint, allowing you to take necessary precautions during future renovations. You should even consider evaluations for radon and termite infestations.

Are home inspections required in Oklahoma?

While not mandatory, obtaining a home inspection in Oklahoma is highly recommended, especially for the buyer’s peace of mind and financial protection. While the state doesn’t impose a requirement for home inspections, certain lenders might stipulate it as part of the mortgage process. Regardless of whether you’re considering an existing home or a newly constructed one, a home inspection offers insights that can significantly impact your decision-making.

How much does a home inspection cost in Oklahoma?

The cost of a home inspection in Oklahoma varies based on factors such as the type of home, its size, foundation type, age of the home, and other various circumstances. Inspections for single-family homes might fall between $200 to $400

Can you sell a house in Oklahoma without an inspection?

Selling a house in Oklahoma without a home inspection is permissible. However, many buyers in the state opt for inspections as part of their due diligence process to ensure they have a clear understanding of the property’s condition. While sellers aren’t obligated to conduct pre-sale inspections, undertaking such inspections can help address significant issues that might deter potential buyers. Providing a comprehensive inspection report to potential buyers can also alleviate concerns and potentially influence their decision not to pursue an independent inspection. 

Expert advice for Oklahoma buyers before they get a home inspection

“An important factor I make sure to look for when inspecting a home is any foundation red flag, specifically red dirt,” says MK Home Inspections “In many parts of Oklahoma, the presence of red dirt and expansive soil is common. To identify potential foundation damage, it’s crucial to undergo a professional inspection before buying a home.”

“HVAC systems and water heaters have a relatively short life span in relation to a home (typically 11-13 years for an AC condensing unit and water heater). Furnaces tend to last longer (up to 25 years and longer). The old adage seems to hold true that, ‘they don’t make them like they used to.’ It’s not unusual for us to inspect a home with a 20 year old or older water heater and a Furnace as old as 40 years,” shares Home Run Inspections, LLC.

“Environmental concerns have added to HVAC costs as refrigerants (the lifeblood of the systems) are continually being replaced with more environmentally friendly versions. There are still a lot of HVAC systems out there with R-22 refrigerant, which is now north of $200 per pound if you can find it at all. Manufacturing of R-22 refrigerant stopped in 2010, so you will find it in equipment that is only 12 years old.  

Word to the wise, read your inspection report carefully. Pay particular attention to the age of big ticket items like the Water Heater and the HVAC. It may all be working fine on the day of the inspection and not show up as an issue in the report, but in the near future one or more of these aged systems may break down and become a big expense.”

old 1985 furnace running inefficiently

Courtesy of Home Run Inspections, LLC

“Recently when inspecting a water heater I discovered that the Temperature and Pressure Relief (TPR) valve was plugged off. Likely an occupant with no knowledge of the purpose of the valve inserted the plug to stop a leak, unknowingly creating a safety hazard. I’ve reported on many (TPR) valves that were lacking discharge piping, this was the first one I’ve found with a plug,” says Highpoint Inspections.

“Water expands when heated which transforms into steam, which takes up more space. If this pressure isn’t adequately regulated and exceeds the tank’s capacity, the tank can burst, leading to an explosion. While the chance of a water heater exploding is low statistically, the potential for harm is significant, from property damage to serious injuries or even fatalities. A properly plumbed TPR valve stands as a sentinel, preventing potential overpressure disasters.”

Plugged (TPR) Valve

Courtesy of Highpoint Inspections 

Oklahoma home inspection: the bottom line

Purchasing a home is a significant decision that warrants careful consideration. Prior to finalizing the purchase of your ideal home in Oklahoma, a thorough home inspection is your ticket to peace of mind. By ensuring that you’re well-informed about the property’s condition, you’re setting the stage for a confident and secure investment.

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