Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

In support of proven and emerging real estate market segments, Keller Williams has launched three business communities – KW Wealth, KW Relocation, and KW Style to Design. 

“Each enables our real estate entrepreneurs to continue to thrive in today’s dynamically shifting housing market,” says Sajag Patel, chief operating officer, KW. 

“As we push onward past COVID-driven market conditions, we’ve found agents want a greater sense of connection, empowerment, and impact,” says Patel. “Developed in partnership with our agents, communities are how we’re leaning in to best serve them in support of their business growth.”

The new communities join a powerful lineup of others, each boasting specialized training, technology, coaching, mastermind events, and referral opportunities to their members. 

What’s in store for KW agents with the latest communities? Let’s dive in!  

Set Your Brand Apart with KW Style to Design 

According to the National Association of Realtors, styled homes sell for a minimum of 6% higher and spend 73% less time on the market. To help agents take advantage of this opportunity and sharpen their competitive edge, Keller Williams has launched KW Style to Design. Led by Heather Caine and Kelly Rodrigue, Style to Design aims to provide education and resources on interior design to help agents secure listings and, ultimately, amplify their value proposition. 

Both Caine and Rodrigue come to the leadership position with expansive experience in the style and design space. Caine entered the real estate market in 2004 with her husband flipping homes in the Dallas – Fort Worth area and has since built an empire on the foundation of staging and design. In 2021, Caine served 465 clients, netting more than $230 million in sales volume. And, Rodrigue has 15+ years of public relations, marketing, construction, and redesign experience helping builders and developers in Dallas, Texas. Together, they’ve built a successful staging company, remodeling division, design business, and look forward to sharing their insights with the newly formed community. 

“We are excited to bring a community to Keller Williams that will revolutionize the way agents conduct business,” shares Caine. “As shared by NAR, staging is the only service in preparing the house for sale that brings measurable value – selling up to 20% more than their marketed competition. KW Style to Design not only brings a platform to assist agents with staging, design, and renovations, but a marketing platform as well to catapult their real estate business.” 

As a part of the community, agents will be able to purchase home staging inventory, and buyers can design a home via a radically simple online ordering process. 

Take Your Business Further with KW Relocation 

As the relocation market continues to expand – $14.1 billion in employee relocation services completed in the U.S. since 2020 alone – so does the business opportunity. Christina Griffin has been named community leader to ensure KW agents can capitalize on opportunities this market provides. 

Griffin, who has built an illustrious career in distressed properties, has ranked among the 1% of all real estate agents in the United States. Prior to Keller Williams, she made history creating and leading the first short sale department at her company, and her expertise spans nearly 20 years with 5,200 homes sold. She is accompanied by Liz Parker and Tammy Chevalier, KW Relocation Directors. 

“I am excited to lead and impact our agent community on a high level,” Griffin shares. “The KW Relocation Community is a game-changer for real estate agents as we’ve partnered with industry-leading Global Relocation Training Services (GRTS) to have our members GRTS certified. We will also offer comprehensive training that explores each element of the relocation process, marketing assets,  masterminds, and informational sessions to help our members be the best and most highly-trained relocation professionals in their market.”

Increase Your Net Worth With KW Wealth

For agents seeking to increase their net worth dramatically, KW Wealth is a new community dedicated to doing just that. Led by leader, innovator, and top-selling real estate agent Brett Tanner, the community offers retreat-style workshops for agents to grow and mastermind their skills surrounding wealth management. And, empowers agents to use their unfair advantage in real estate expertise to build a business plan to grow passive income.

“Throughout my own career working with hundreds of agents, I’ve seen firsthand how a lack of focus on wealth building puts their ideal life out of reach, and the reality is – their ideal life is COMPLETELY within reach,” Tanner shares. “There’s a lot of emphasis on income, not strategically building one’s net worth.”

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