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When you need to sell your house fast in Texas due to life’s unexpected twists and turns, such as experiencing a divorce, the loss of a loved one, or struggling to make your mortgage payments, you have two options to sell your home quickly: 1) seek a cash offer or 2) recruit a top real estate agent. This guide will cover each option in detail so you can make an informed decision for your home sale.

Option 1: Sell your Texas house fast for cash

Selling your Texas house to a cash buyer allows you to cut through the traditional real estate process, such as inspections and repairs, home prep and staging, and can significantly accelerate your home sale.

HomeLight’s Simple Sale platform connects you to the largest network of cash buyers in the U.S. We use the information you provide about your home plus local neighborhood data to get you a convenient no-obligation cash offer within a week. If you accept the offer, you can close in as little as 10 days.

HomeLight was founded in 2012 and is BBB accredited with an A+ rating. The company has 4.6 stars on Google based on more than 500 user reviews.

Sell Your Texas House Fast With an All-Cash Offer

Get an all-cash, no-obligation offer on your Texas home through HomeLight’s Simple Sale platform whenever you’re ready. Receive your offer within a week and close in as little as 10 days. No showings, no repairs, no open houses.

Who else will buy your Texas house for cash?

You can also find other cash buyers, such as house flippers, iBuyers, and investors, who will buy a house for cash. Here are examples of these businesses, the types of homes they look to purchase, and their process.

  • House flippers: House flippers buy homes with good bones in dire need of repair to remodel and resell as turnkey for a maximum profit. Flippers typically make offers well below market value to account for the cost of needed repairs.
  • iBuyers: iBuyers use a proprietary algorithm that compares many data sets, including price history, lot acreage, a home’s square footage, tax valuation history, and other data points to determine the home’s automated valuation model (AVM). While historically offering more than flippers, iBuyers typically charge sellers a fee between 5% to 6%.
  • Buy-and-hold investors: Buy-and-hold investors buy houses as long-term investments, often converting properties into rental units to build equity.
  • Franchising/homebuying companies: These investors will buy your house “as-is” for cash, and renovate and sell them as turnkey homes for a significant profit. Like flippers, these investors offer sellers below market value.

Cash buyers in Texas

Texas house-buying companies, also known as We Buy Houses companies, typically buy houses in need of repairs. Most of these companies will conduct a walkthrough within 48-72 hours, pay cash, and strive to close the sale in around seven to 10 days. Here are examples of house-buying companies in Texas.

HomeVestors / We Buy Ugly Houses: We Buy Ugly Houses operates 24 locations in the state of Texas. The company buys houses in as-is condition. Sellers don’t need to make repairs and can close within 30 days.
BBB Rating: A+
Google reviews: 3.2/5 stars (Dallas); 3.6/5 stars (Houston)

We Buy Houses, Texas: We Buy Houses is a national brand that serves Texas. The company works with a network of investors. Sellers fill out a form, schedule a home visit, and are made an offer within 48 hours.
BBB Rating: A+
Google reviews: 5/5 stars

Houston Capital Homebuyers: This company buys various properties, including manufactured AKA mobile homes, in various conditions throughout Texas. Houston Capital Homebuyers offers a virtual walkthrough option to assess properties and assists sellers with moving costs if they stay in the Houston area.
BBB Rating: A+
Google reviews: 5/5 stars

House Buyers Texas: This company serves home sellers in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin, Texas. The business states they will buy any type of property in Texas and promises a same-day offer and a closing in as few as three days.
BBB Rating: A
Google reviews: 5/5 stars

Liberty Home Buyers: Liberty Home Buyers serves sellers throughout Texas. The company purchases houses as the buyer rather than finding investors. After you arrange a home inspection with Liberty, they can usually make an offer within 24 hours and can close in as few as seven days.
BBB Rating: A+
Google reviews: 5/5 stars

Pros and cons of selling your Texas house for cash

The experience of selling a house for cash can vary from company to company. However, most owners encounter these benefits and drawbacks when selling their home to companies for cash.


  • Fast closing: A cash sale is significantly faster than a traditional mortgage-backed home purchase, often allowing you to close in as few as three to 10 days.
  • No repairs needed: You can sell your home as-is, in most cases, with no repairs or renovations.
  • No fees or commissions: Many cash buyers will cover closing costs and fees.
  • No showings or open houses: You won’t have to stage the home for listing photos or prepare the property for showings or open houses.
  • No obligation until you commit: After you receive a no-obligation offer, you can compare it to other offers. You can even consult a Realtor® for comparisons.
  • Step away from a problem: With a fast cash sale, you can often avoid dealing with problem tenants or potential foreclosure.
  • No contingencies: Cash buyers can waive contingencies that can make negotiations difficult, namely the financing contingency and appraisal contingency.
  • No negotiating: You won’t have to deal with multiple buyers or the pressure of back-and-forth negotiating on price, credits, or repairs.
  • Move on with life: If you inherited a home, are facing a divorce, dealing with a death, or having financial challenges, a cash sale can help you move on from the home and possibly resolve some issues faster.


  • Lower sale price: Cash sales typically result in a lower selling price than a traditional sale with the help of a qualified real estate agent.
  • Repairs cost may be deducted: If the home does need major repairs, the cost of those may be deducted from the offer, depending on the cash buyer.
  • May be harder to find a buyer: Depending on the condition or location of your home, you may have limited cash buyer options, especially if you have a unique property that will be harder for investors to flip.
  • You’ll need to vet companies: It’s important to do research on “we buy houses for cash” companies to make sure they are legitimate and reputable.
  • Transparency may be limited: Some cash buyers won’t share their home evaluation process or how they calculated their offer, which is sometimes reduced last minute.
  • Hidden fees: As you vet cash buyers, watch for hidden or unexpected fees. Read your purchase contract carefully before signing.

Option #2: Work with a top agent to sell fast in Texas

Working with a top agent in Texas can be a good option for sellers who would like to sell faster than average but who have some time to devote to a traditional sale vs. an instant cash offer. Top agents who know the local area can add value in the following ways:

HomeLight data shows that top agents sell homes faster than most agents, and the top 5% of agents sell homes for up to 10% more than average agents. Working with a top agent can lead to a speedy sale for top dollar to help you move past a divorce, sell a loved one’s estate, or get out of debt.

How fast homes are homes selling in Texas?

Local market conditions can determine how quickly or slowly your house sells in Texas. With affordable housing, a strong economy, and a low cost of living with no state income tax, Texas is experiencing a huge in-migration.

“Affordable housing draws buyers from [out of state] to relocate here,” says Jacobe Kendrick, a top-performing HomeLight Elite agent who works with over 85% more single-family homes than the average Midland, Texas agent.

“We’ve got a lot of people moving out of some of the western states, California, Washington, and Las Vegas, Nevada,” he says. One day Kendrick said he was talking with a veterinarian from Oregon about the cost of houses in Texas, compared to the area they moved from. His client said that they could buy four houses [in Texas] for what they could buy with the one house they had in Oregon,” says Kendrick.

Job growth draws young professionals and young families to Texas

With the natural gas industry and technology companies relocating to Texas, young professionals and families are moving into the state for job relocations. “I’m seeing folks move here because the area has a lot of jobs,” Kendrick says. According to Kendrick, [the automotive and solar company] Tesla moved one of their divisions to Austin, providing additional job opportunities in Texas. Kendrick says he sees young families and young professionals looking to start their careers move in.

Texas real estate conditions and trends

Here is a snapshot of current real estate conditions in Texas:

As of March 2023
Days on market (average time from list to contract) 40-60 days
Median sales price $332,500 (​​- $2,500 from last year)
Number of bids per home 2-3 bids
List price vs. sale price 96% to 99%
Percentage of homes sold for cash 33%
Supply of inventory 2.2 months
Number of closed home sales year over year -14.5%
Population growth year over year* +1.59% 

*Heavy in-migration due to company relocations, oil industry job opportunities, and affordable housing. Table data source: Texas Real Estate Resource Center

8 strategies to sell a house fast in Texas

Top agents have an arsenal of successful strategies that attract buyers and make homes sell faster.

“Buyers aren’t looking to do renovations; they’re looking for homes that are ready to go,” Kendrick says. “They don’t want to have to change the carpet, paint walls, or do any of that stuff; they want a home that’s move-in ready,” he explains. Kendrick recommends the following strategies and tips for sellers to help sell their homes more quickly.

1. Set your price competitively

“If you price your home where it should be priced in the market, as people come in to look at your house, they have a mindset, ‘if I don’t, someone else will,’ and that’s actually how you get a higher price on your house,” says Kendrick. “When people list their house high and slowly lower the price, “they’re guaranteed to get a lower [offer],” says Kendrick.

An experienced top agent will perform a comparative market analysis (CMA) to help you set the best price to sell a house fast in your market.

If you’re curious about your home’s current value, try HomeLight’s Home Value Estimator. While it shouldn’t dictate your final pricing strategy, an online home value estimate can give you a ballpark price range. You can get a preliminary estimate in less than two minutes.

2. Consider a pre-listing inspection.

Home inspections can often hold up a sale. With a pre-listing inspection, you’ll know repair issues in advance and let the buyer know about issues before they make an offer, which saves time.

3. Use the best technology to market your home.

Using advanced technology to market your home will help buyers imagine living in your home. One way to achieve this is with drone photography and 3D virtual reality technology, such as the 3D data platform Matterport that Kendrick uses to attract more buyers. “The buyer can actually walk through the house before they go and see it; you click a button, and it’ll take you forward three steps so you can have a 360-degree view of the house,” says Kendrick.

4. Paint, stain, and pressure wash.

To make your home stand out from other properties, Kendrick recommends repairing the sidewalks, staining the fence, pressure washing, and touching up the paint interior and exterior. “Painting is one of the cheapest things you can do to get the most bang for your buck,” explains Kendrick.

5. Showcase your outdoor area

Texas home shoppers love usable outdoor space. Extending your living space outdoors can be extremely appealing to buyers. Consider how you might transform your outdoor area into an attractive oasis. This might include adding a full furniture set, smoker, and television to watch the Cowboys or Texans play on a Sunday night.

6. Advertise your neighborhood’s walkability

Walkability is important for many Texas buyers. This makes it critical for sellers to highlight parks, coffee shops, and local restaurants in the neighborhood.

7. Promote additional space for lodging, an office, or Texas-sized trucks

If your property has an auxiliary dwelling unit (ADU), such as a mother-in-law cottage, emphasize this in your listing. If you are selling a home with large square footage or a home office, leverage these.

In addition, a spacious garage is a hot commodity in Texas. Even if you don’t have a large garage, take the time to declutter it to show that a potential buyer’s truck could fit with the door closed.

8. Take advantage of market timing

Along with the recommendations above, it can be helpful to know the level of market activity in your area during different times of the year. HomeLight’s Best Time to Sell Calculator uses housing market data for your area to show you the best and worst months to sell your home. See when is the best time to sell a house if you want to make the most money and which months are best to sell your house fast.

Ready to sell your Texas home?

As you can see, a top real estate agent in Texas can help you navigate the many nuances that you might not otherwise discover until you’re swamped in the process. Their organizational efficiencies and marketing expertise can help you sell your Texas house fast.

If you need an even faster sale, HomeLight’s Simple Sale platform provides cash offers for homes in almost any condition in Texas. If you don’t have the time or the means to prepare your home or move through the traditional listing process, you can skip the repairs and showings and close in as few as 10 days. Complete a short questionnaire and receive a no-obligation cash offer within a week.

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