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group around a charcuterie board

Living in Beverly Hills comes with luxurious, exceptional, and Michelin-star dining. This Redfin article shares eight popular restaurants boasting opulence and timeless gastronomic delights, from authentic Italian flavors at La Dolce Vita to the exquisite art of sushi at Nozawa Bar.

Whether searching for apartments to rent or homes for sale in Beverly Hills, let this be your food guide through this iconic area of California.

Beverly Hills - Public park area

1. La Dolce Vita

Nestled on Santa Monica Boulevard, La Dolce Vita transports diners to the heart of Italy with its delectable cuisine. The popular dish, Penne alla Vodka, entices visitors with its rich flavors and creamy tomato vodka sauce. The restaurant’s ambiance exudes timeless elegance, adorned with classic Roman-inspired decor and a dimly lit setting, creating a refined and intimate dining experience.

Alison Martino, Spectrum News 1 Host, shares that the restaurant was initially opened by Frank Sinatra and George Raft in 1966 and that entering La Dolce Vita is like joining a private club with vintage decor. Martino calls La Dolce Vita a, “special place that has stood the test of time.”

2. Nozawa Bar

With a Michelin Star, Nozawa Bar is for Japanese cuisine and sushi aficionados. Located within the Golden Triangle neighborhood of Beverly Hills, the restaurant boasts some of the highest-quality dining in Los Angeles. Renowned chef Kazunori Nozawa curates an exclusive Omakase experience that leaves guests in awe. With a minimalist and intimate setting, patrons will comfortably savor each sushi masterpiece, making it a cherished culinary experience.

Nigiri Sushi set

3. Crustacean

Experience a fusion of Vietnamese and seafood delights at Crustacean on South Santa Monica Boulevard. An’s Famous Garlic Noodles stand out as a must-try dish, tantalizing taste buds with their flavorful aroma. The stylish Vietnamese-inspired decor and warm ambiance elevate the dining experience to new heights, creating a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

4. Wally’s Beverly Hills

Wine enthusiasts and food connoisseurs find solace at Wally’s on North Cannon Drive. This chic wine bar also offers a delectable selection of American dishes, with the Charcuterie & Cheese Board being a crowd favorite. The sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere makes Wally’s an ideal spot for unwinding with fine wine and exceptional cuisine.

In addition to the “incredible” wine list, Real estate agent Daniel Milstein recommends ordering the Truffle Fries and the Hundred Dollar Chicken.

group around a charcuterie board

5. The Hideaway

For those looking for laid back, yet sophisticated restaurants in Beverly Hills, look no further than The Hideaway. Located on South Canon Drive, The Hideaway captivates diners with its California-inspired menu. The Truffle Burger is a mouthwatering delight, enticing locals and visitors alike. At The Hideaway discover an array or diverse and flavorful dishes, making it a true hidden gem among the hustle and bustle

6. N/Naka

Japanese cuisine reaches new heights at N/Naka on Overland Avenue, offering a modern kaiseki experience. Chef Niki Nakayama boasts two Michelin stars with culinary artistry that shines through the seasonal tasting menus, delighting guests with inventive dishes. The intimate and serene setting adds to the overall experience, allowing diners to savor each exquisite creation.

7. Maude

Operated by Chef Curtis Stone, Maude offers decadent French-inspired delights and retains a Michelin Star. With a rotating seasonal tasting menu, guests can enjoy the finest ingredients each season offers. Among the diverse menu, indulge in menu items such as Squash & Caviar and the Nixta Pasta. The intimate and sophisticated ambiance makes Maude a destination for food enthusiasts seeking a refined dining experience.

8. The Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel

Nestled between The Flats and Holmby Hills, discover the infamous Beverly Hills Hotel. Within it, a Los Angeles retreat awaits at The Polo Lounge. Its iconic poolside setting and rich history make it a favorite among locals and celebrities. While indulging in continental cuisine, take advantage of the McCarthy Salad, a classic delicacy that has stood the test of time. 

The Polo Lounge also offers a broad selection of items on its brunch menu, including sparkling wine options such as Bellini’s and Mimosa’s, making it the perfect setting for the start of a relaxing weekend.

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