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coos bay rock and wooded area with ocean waves

Part of the Pacific Northwest, Oregon is home to quirky cities, stunning mountain ranges, locally-grown produce, and picturesque beaches. With sparkling seas, white sands, boating and kayaking, sightseeing and fishing, these charming coastal towns in Oregon are some of the best around. Whether you’re looking to relocate to Oregon or one of the many Oregonians looking for a beachside property, you have lots of towns to choose from.

But if you’re not sure where to start on your hunt for the best Oregon beach town, we’ve got you covered. To help you find the right coastal area, Redfin has gathered a list of 14 of the best coastal towns in Oregon from Astoria to Seaside. Let’s explore some of the state’s top beach spots, listed in alphabetical order, and you might just be tempted to move there.

astoria oregon bridge at dusk

#1: Astoria

Median home price: $498,000 
Astoria, OR homes for sale
Astoria, OR apartments for rent

Located along the Columbia River, Astoria is home to roughly 10,300 people. There are many picturesque oceanfront spots to explore while living in Astoria. You can also check out museums like the Oregon Film Museum or Columbia River Maritime Museum, take the Astoria Riverfront Trolley through town, and explore the charming downtown streets.

#2: Bandon

Median home price: $390,000 
Bandon, OR homes for sale
Bandon, OR apartments for rent

Another one of Oregon’s great coastal towns to consider buying a home in is Bandon. Even with about 3,300 residents, there are plenty of beaches to visit like Bandon Beach and Bullards Beach. Make sure to explore Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge, hike out to Coquille River Lighthouse, and check out downtown Bandon.

#3: Cannon Beach

Median home price: $1,600,000 
Cannon Beach, OR homes for sale
Cannon Beach, OR apartments for rent

About 1,500 people live in Cannon Beach year-round and it’s a popular tourist destination for many living in the Pacific Northwest. There are lots of beaches to explore on a warm Oregon day including Cannon Beach and Chapman Beach. If you find yourself moving to Cannon Beach, make sure to see the iconic Haystack Rock, explore John Yeon State Natural Site, and stroll through the downtown area where you’ll find shops and cafes. 

coos bay rock and wooded area with ocean waves

#4: Coos Bay

Median home price: $334,500 
Coos Bay, OR homes for sale
Coos Bay, OR apartments for rent

Home to beautiful beaches like North Beach, there are countless places to spend a beach day in the town of Coos Bay. About 15,900 people live in Coos Bay, where you can also check out Cape Arago State Park, explore one of the museums downtown, and visit Mingus Park.

#5: Depoe Bay

Median home price: $965,000 
Depoe Bay, OR homes for sale
Depoe Bay, OR apartments for rent

The picturesque beach town of Depoe Bay has about 1,500 residents, making it a great place to consider moving to. You’ll also find gorgeous beaches such as Depoe Bay Scenic Park. In Depoe Bay, you can visit Whale Cove National Wildlife Refuge, take a whale watching cruise, and check out one of the local restaurants.

#6: Florence

Median home price: $420,000 
Florence, OR homes for sale
Florence, OR apartments for rent

With just about 9,500 people living in Florence, it’s a great beach town to consider renting or buying a house in. Some beaches you can visit include North Jetty Beach and South Jetty Beach. There are lots of activities to do in this coastal city – you can stroll through the downtown area, try sandboarding, or golf at one of the courses, among many other local favorites.

gold beach with trees

#7: Gold Beach

Median home price: $384,000 
Gold Beach, OR homes for sale
Gold Beach, OR apartments for rent

With a population of about 2,400, Gold Beach is an awesome coastal spot to live in, where you’ll find the namesake Gold Beach. If you find yourself moving to this beach town, make sure to take a jet boat tour, visit one of the landmarks like Kissing Rock, and grab a meal overlooking the water.

#8: Lincoln City

Median home price: $529,000 
Lincoln City, OR homes for sale
Lincoln City, OR apartments for rent

Lincoln City has beautiful beaches such as D River State Recreation Site, Lincoln City Beach, Nelscott Beach, Oceanlake Beach, and Taft 48 Beach – all perfect for a picnic or enjoying the waves. Once moving to Lincoln City you’ll want to hike along one of the many trails like the Cutler City Wetlands Trail, visit the Siletz Bay Vista Point, and spend time checking out the many nature preserves and green spaces.

#9: Newport

Median home price: $485,000 
Newport, OR homes for sale
Newport, OR apartments for rent

About 10,500 people live in Newport where you’ll find beaches like Agate Beach, Cobble Beach, Oregon Coast Beach, Nye Beach, and South Beach. Some other fun activities to do in Newport include exploring the Oregon Coast Aquarium, checking out the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, and strolling the charming downtown area.

#10: Pacific City

Median home price: $580,000 
Pacific City, OR homes for sale
Pacific City, OR apartments for rent

This coastal town has a population of 1,200 and there are lots of beaches to enjoy the day at. In Pacific City, you can visit Green Acres Beach, McPhillips Beach, and Pacific City Beach. There is also plenty to do on an afternoon or weekend, like checking out the quaint shops in downtown Pacific City, exploring Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area, and going camping.

aerial view of beach and homes in rockaway beach

#11: Rockaway Beach

Median home price: $463,000 
Rockaway Beach, OR homes for sale
Rockaway Beach, OR apartments for rent

In Rockaway Beach there are countless of beaches you’ll want to spend time at if you decide to move to this quaint town. Some of these beaches include Diamond Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Rockaway Beach. This city is home to 1,500 residents and you’ll find plenty of other activities like visiting Rockaway Big Tree Trailhead, spending the morning at a local cafe, and exploring Manhattan Beach State Recreation Site.

#12: Seaside

Median home price: $375,000 
Seaside, OR homes for sale
Seaside, OR apartments for rent

Seaside has plenty of beaches to choose from, perfect for a day outside. Some popular places are Painted Rock Beach, Seaside Beach, and Seaside Cove. If you’re looking for a different activity, be sure to visit the Captain Kid Amusement Park, check out one of the many museums or the Seaside Aquarium, and explore the charming downtown. 

#13: Warrenton

Median home price: $479,000 
Warrenton, OR homes for sale
Warrenton, OR apartments for rent

There are numerous beachfront spots to visit if you decide that Warrenton is the right beach town for you. Some of the local spots include Delaura Beach and Jetty Road at the Beach. In this town of 6,400 residents, you can also explore nature or camp under the stars at Fort Stevens State Park.

#14: Yachats

Median home price: $375,000 
Yachats, OR homes for sale
Yachats, OR apartments for rent

Last up is Yachats where there are just about 1,000 residents, making it a cozy beach town to consider moving to. One popular beach to check out is Yachats State Recreation Area. For a break from the beach, you can also explore Yachats State Recreation Area and grab a meal at one of the great local restaurants.


Note, this list is not comprehensive of all the beach towns in Oregon. Median home sale price data from the Redfin Data Center during June 2023. Average rental data from June 2023. Population data sourced from the United States Census Bureau.

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