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When it comes to selling your house, one of the most important things you can do is upgrade the look of your home. Like a job interview, a strong first impression can make all the difference, so you want to make sure your home is “dressed to impress.” That’s where staging comes in. To ensure that your house looks its best for potential buyers, here are some tips for staging a house on a budget.

living room staging

1. Maximize your existing furniture

One of the best ways to stage a house on a budget is to take advantage of what’s already available. How your furniture is arranged and presented can elevate the look of your home.

“When staging a home on a budget, utilize what pieces of furniture you already have and add throws, pillows, and an area rug to frame the space and make it look cozier,” says Lauren Cherry of Cherry Interiors Staging and Design. “Master bedrooms are one of the most budget-friendly rooms you can stage and make a huge impact. You can use plastic tables to create a faux bed frame and purchase white bedding for a clean, crisp look. Add a pop of color on the pillows to warm up the space. You can also purchase reasonably priced mirrors to hang over a sofa or bed for an inexpensive touch.”

man changing a light bulb

2. Replace old lightbulbs

It’s no secret that lighting plays a key role in making a house stand out. Be sure to update your light fixtures and replace dim bulbs.

“One of the easiest and most budget-friendly tips for staging a home is to replace light bulbs,” says Michel Rohner of Pro Property Media. “The lighting in a room can change the way people view a space. Choosing bulbs that have a higher color temperature that offers a bright, clear daylight hue to increase the sensation of natural light.”

home kitchen

3. Refresh your home with a few simple and budget-friendly upgrades

Sometimes, a few simple upgrades are all you need to stage your house on a budget. According to Ashley Wilson of Refresh Denver Staging, these relatively inexpensive changes can really change the way a potential buyer sees your home.

“Does staging a home bring in more value to the home? Yes. Does it help others envision themselves living and creating a life there? Absolutely. However, it’s about digging into the bones of the home itself. Bringing a new life to a property that has its own stories to tell is of the utmost importance. The key to staging a property is to tap into the history or current style of the home. A touch of color, a backsplash of neutrals, and an overall continuity of an updated style, no matter the state of the home, will guarantee the buyer falling in love with the home immediately.  Home staging is all about giving it a refreshing new look and feel. Inside and out.”

grey couch in a living room

4. Eliminate any potential distractions

Every house has certain aspects that the owner wants buyers to notice. The last thing you want is for unnecessary distractions to take attention away from these focal points.

“Start by taking a photo of each room and notice if there are any distracting prints, clutter on counters and shelves, personal items such as family photos, or furniture blocking windows and walkways,” says Arianna Valcarcel of PURE Home Studio. “Remove these items to simplify the decor and let your home’s best features stand out.”

Rachel L’Heureux of Perch Staging also recommends limiting visual distractions. Taking steps like decluttering, limiting the amount of artwork hanging on your walls, and scaling back on unnecessary furniture are great ways to go about staging your home on a budget.

front door with columns

5. Maximize curb appeal

We all know how important first impressions are when it comes to buying a home. Everything from the front doorstep to the door itself should be visually appealing to increase curb appeal.

“Clean the front doorstep really well,” says Caroline Gregory of Dune Home Interiors. “Add a fresh coat of paint color to the door. Pressure wash the walkway. Replace the door knob and handle. Clear away cobwebs and anything that makes the first impression (entry) of the home feel less than perfect. Potential buyers spend extra time here while they wait for the realtor, and you want to make sure this first impression makes the home feel taken care of.”

grey and white couches in a living room

6. Make sure your furniture fits your space

Every inch counts when it comes to staging your home on a budget. Oversized furniture can create the perception of a smaller room, which is the opposite of what you want to do.

“Replace pieces of furniture that are too large for the space, such as large dressers, sideboards, hutches, and armoires,” says Joanna Brown of Property Sparrows. “Aim to cover a maximum of 30-40% of the floor space in each room with furniture. This will make the spaces appear larger, which is appealing to homebuyers. ”

7. Upgrade the look of your bedroom with a duvet cover

One simple addition can make all the difference in elevating the look of your bedroom. A simple duvet cover can give your room a more luxurious feel.

“Transform your bedroom into a luxurious haven with a simple duvet cover,” says Melpo Mankin of  Intentional Interiors Home Staging & Design. “It’s like a pillowcase for your comforter. Amazon sells them for around $25. Add a decorative pillow (or two) and a throw blanket at the foot of the bed, and you’ve taken your bedroom from drab to fab.”

plant on a white table

8. Embrace a minimalist approach to staging

You’re probably familiar with the idea that less is more. This philosophy definitely applies when it comes to staging a house on a budget.

“If you can’t afford a staging company, pair down all of your items,” says Andrea Michelle Puller of Greater Seattle Home Staging. “Minimal staging is key. Stage the property in a way that speaks to the buyer.  Removing any personal items and decluttering are the most important in getting the house ready. It gives the buyer an opportunity to see the house without all of your personal items everywhere. Remember, the buyer needs to believe you are really moving out, so a fresh coat of paint in a house decluttered and staged will help do that.”

9. Keep decor neutral

Richard from International Staging recommends some simple changes like getting new white linens for the bedroom, removing busy rugs, and removing china cabinets and large sideboards. These changes can make rooms look bigger and remove unnecessary visual distractions.

Realtor Nicole Mickle also recommends a simplistic approach to staging your house. She suggests reducing extra decor and choosing a neutral color palette.

I love neutrals because it allows the buyer to see the home while elevating the style,” she says. “My favorites are beiges, whites, grays, blues, and a darker color as an accent color.”

sun shining through a window

10. Maximize your lighting for a brighter-looking home

According to Tulsa-area realtor Bill Leighty, a common complaint that agents hear from homebuyers is that the house they’re looking at is too dark. Proper lighting is key if you want to leave a good impression in the mind of a potential buyer.

“Try to achieve a light, fresh and airy appearance, particularly if you have dark walls, woodwork, floors, or carpeting,” he says. “Open every blind and drape in every room. Try to get as much natural light into the house as possible.”

Leighty also recommends utilizing interior lighting to the extent possible. “Cozy lamp light and other indirect incandescent lighting are preferred over ceiling or fluorescent lighting,” he says. “Keep window coverings open and key lights on even when you are away. You never get a second chance for a good first impression, and if a prospective Buyer is following along as you or a realtor is opening blinds and turning on lights, you have lost the opportunity and the initiative.”

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